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A Fresh Start in 2021

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Happy New Year!

It's a refreshing feeling, ringing in 2021.

Last year was a challenge everyone and every industry had to pivot in order to keep up with what had overnight become new normals. Healthy hygiene, social distancing and wearing masks became an unspoken code of practice everyone needed to abide by.

It was no different in real estate. Realtors saw limited inventory, great photography and videos became a necessity to showing houses, and people began to shift their thinking when it came to the functionality of what makes a home.

With this came opportunities for change.

More people began working from home, and a need for a home office became a reality. Outdoor spaces and backyards became essential for fresh air. Children needed a dedicated space to study and learn online. The way buyers, sellers and realtors looked at listings was shifting.

2020 was a milestone year for myself. Even with the slower than usual spring market, I was able to increase my sales from the year before. Despite the global pandemic, sale prices in Medicine Hat nudged higher than in previous years. Houses continued to go on the market and buyers remained eager to see what their options were. I saw a strong push as we went into the holidays. That momentum is something I’m looking forward to carrying well into the spring.

As I reflect on the past year, I know that dedication and a strong understanding of local real estate has helped shape my career in Medicine Hat, but it’s my clients that have helped me find my passion in doing what I do. It’s important when working together for us to collaborate and set expectations so we can work together, whether you’re buying or selling. I’m here to listen to your wants and needs in a home, while helping you make a smart decision.

I predict big things are in store for this year.

We are already on the move. Sellers are continuing to list their homes and buyers are already on the lookout. With interest rates expected to remain low, the spring market could be busier than ever. With the new trend of working-from-home, people are looking for designated spaces, room to workout, and bigger yards. For some, it could mean upsizing, while others may be looking to downsize.

I've set a few goals for myself.

I want to be more present with my clients. To do this, I’ve hired an assistant so I can better prioritize my time so I’m able to focus on you and your needs. I’ll also work at fine-tuning my own processes, so your buying and selling experience remains smooth and seamless. 

A personal resolution is to make the time to golf more. The sport itself is built on consistency and determination. When I’m out on the course, it’s my chance to reset and rejuvenate.

Let's work together in 2021.

I’ll help you find your happy place and invest in something worthwhile. If you’re thinking about buying a home this year, or are considering selling your home, let’s sit down and come up with a plan together. There’s a lot of preparation that needs to happen, whether you’re looking to buy or sell. It’s best to lay out all the options before the market gets hot.

I feel so grateful for this career. I’m truly blessed to have found something that I’m so passionate about, in the city I’ve always known as home. 

Cheers to 2021!

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