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Buying Real Estate During COVID-19

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Real Estate During COVID-19

With things constantly changing it has been difficult for people to know how to navigate through this time. The things we do know are that real estate is still an essential service, people need a place to live and as this progresses people want a place they feel safe, comfortable and healthy in.

Buying a Home

Many things have changed and we need to ensure the safety of everyone so new rules and protocols have been implemented from the Real Estate Board as well as the brokerages. If you are looking to purchase during this time, we must be respectful of these new rules and follow them rigorously.

01 – Pre-approval

Sellers will want to know if the buyer has mortgage pre-approval and is able and ready to purchase before allowing in-person showings. Temporary layoffs have become a factor when it comes to having a previous mortgage pre-approval in place.Please reach out to your bank or mortgage broker to make sure you still qualify during this time.

02 – Photos and Virtual Showings

Homes are being viewed online through photos and virtual tours. I suggest you drive by potential properties to see how you like the location and neighbourhood. Once you have narrowed down your search, we will discuss each property to arrive at the top 3 to view in person.

03 - Waivers

Before we are able to view the properties each buyer must fill out 2 forms. The first waiver is the Hold Harmless form and the second is a buyer’s screening form.Once those forms are filled out and send back to the agent, the showing can be arranged.

04 – In-Person Showings

There are only 3 people, including the real estate agent, allowed into the home during the in-person showings. Each person must hand sanitize prior to entering the home and the buyers are not allowed to touch anything. I will wear gloves and open doors and cabinets to reduce the footprint in each home.

 05 – Writing an Offer

With technology we are able to discuss and sign the contract electronically. To review and discuss the offer we can phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. Once we have discussed everything I can Docusign the offer to you via email and you can electronically sign the offer.

06 – Home Inspection and Lawyers

Each inspector and law office will have their own protocols so please reach out to them when booking the appointment to find out their new protocols and practice.

07 – Possession

I will meet you at your new home on possession day to do a walk-through of your new home with you. I will reach out to the listing agent to make sure no one has been ill within 14 days of being in the home. As we enter the home, each person will hand sanitize. Please bring Lysol wipes and other disinfectant items with you to do a clean prior to bringing in your belongings. I recommend wiping down everything but the most common spots will be the door handles, light switches and railings.

Owning a home is an amazing feeling and accomplishment and we want to ensure your safely through the process so we can get you into a place that gives you security and peace of mind.

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